Manual Patio Screens

The Arion retractable patio shades from Universal Screens provide the resistance of an exterior shade with the aesthetically pleasing look of an interior shade.

Oversize Outdoor Roller Shades

This retractable patio shade comes available with 3 operational styles; Cable guided, Rod guided or Free Hanging, and is made from all aluminum components. These retractable porch shades also come motorized or as a manual, hand-crank operation.

Outdoor roller shades, hand crank Minneapolis retractable shades

Arion Shade System benefits

  • The perfect solution for large spaces
  • Interior or Exterior Appliances
  • Cable or Rod Guidance options
  • All aluminum components
  • Motor or Crank Operation

Manual patio shades are a great alternative to out motorized patio shades. They work in almost all situation including those in which a zipper-track does not. Manual operated patio shades are also more affordable for homeowners on a strict budget.

If you have any questions about our Minneapolis manual patio shades do not hesitate to give us a call at (612) 718-7068 or you may contact us online to schedule an appointment.