Memory Vinyl Windows

Introducing the Prairie View Memory Vinyl Window. Instead of glass we use a 10 mil memory vinyl, if something hits it no problem it has memory and goes right back. Stack the sash or just take the sash out and you have a full screen. This is a great option for a porch, patio, utility building, playhouse or any other outdoor structure. Add a matching door to finish off your project.

These eze-open/eze-to-close windows with fully screened openings provide an attractive and versatile way to enjoy the seasons. Give your guests a relaxing way to enjoy your company or just enjoy the ambience of outdoor living without the insects. When closed, the tinted windows provide privacy, protection from the summer sun or protection from changeable weather. Season after season, our memory vinyl windows offer more enjoyment from your outdoor living area.

Because Prairie View Memory Vinyl Windows are custom-made they can be manufactured to fit existing openings without re-framing; or a completely new structure designed specifically for your needs. Same size sash designs helps with easy removal of sashes for cleaning and full screen room feel. The Vinyl jamb liners allow for continual ease of operation of sashes.

Key Features

  • Vents are glazed with 10-mil vinyl, available in Clear, Bronze or Grey tints
  • Durable, Extruded Aluminum Frames
  • 4 stock colors- white- bronze- sanstone- almond
  • Custom colors available
  • Custom-made to fit any size opening 60″ wide to 100″ high
  • Memory Vinyl returns to original shape withing minutes or if distorted
  • Panels remove for easy cleaning from the inside
  • Available SunScreen reduces solar heat in the summer and adds privacy
  • Special pet-resistant Pet Screening is also available in Black
  • Sturdy extruded aluminum frames come with integrated full screen
  • Spring loaded sashes can slide up or down to create 75% ventilation