A Garage Door Screen You Can Walk Through

If you enjoy spending time in the Minnesota outdoors or working in the garage, then we have a garage door accessory you will want to have. It not only lets air flow in and out, it keeps the bugs out and creates an outdoor living space perfect for visiting with friends, wood working, or detailing your car.

retractable screen doors Maple Grove MinnesotaAnother great opportunity for installing this Minnesota garage screen door is hosting parties – graduation parties, retirement parties, birthday parties, football draft parties – any kind of gathering you host in a garage or your shed. The applications for use are almost endless.

How Does the Garage Screen Door Work?

No modifications are needed to your garage space or door. This garage screen door works along with your existing garage door. It is as simple as opening your garage door and then lowering the screen door. It opens and closes with ease because it is spring loaded.

The tracks of the screen door mount parallel to your existing garage door track and no added space is needed at the sides. One of the most functional options of this amazing garage screen is the integrated screen door that allows easy entry and exit without having to move the garage screen. This is an optional upgrade but in our opinion a must have. When you are ready to remove the garage screen door, simply lift it up and it stores away on its upper track. A functional and disappearing garage screen door.

A Year Round Garage Screen Door

If you are looking to turn your garage into a usable area all year long, then the Clear All-Weather Vinyl Cover is waiting for you. This optional accessory impedes the flow of cold air in the winter and hot air in the summer. The Lifestyle Cover mounts easily to the inside frame of your Lifestyle Screen by stainless steel button snaps. For storage; unsnap the cover, roll up and store away quickly and easily. Access through the center retractable door will not be available with The Lifestyle Cover installed.

All weather vinyl screen cover Maple Grove Minnesota

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