Motorized Retractable Screens for Privacy – St. Paul, Minnesota

St. Paul Homeowners living in associations or neighborhoods understand the issue of privacy. Homes are often crowded together, eliminating privacy in backyards. Often, neighbors in two-story homes have a direct view into your backyard, which can be unsettling. To fix the issue, many are choosing to have motorized patio shade systems installed to gain privacy. If your neighbors are the nosy type, consider what a St. Paul retractable patio screen could do for you.

motorized retractable screens St. Paul Minnesota

Retractable Patio Screens

Universal Screens MotionScreen™ is a shade system where retractable screens operate on a track or cable and connect directly to your house or business. The outdoor shades are easily retractable to provide comfortable environments for your family and guests. The porch shade systems protect those on the patio from heat, UV rays, insects, and provide privacy. With the simple push of a button, the motorized screen transforms your patio into a comfortable outdoor room.

St. Paul Motorized Patio Shades for Privacy

If you have privacy issues in your backyard or other areas of your home, motorized retractable screens can help. We offer a variety of screen mesh and fabrics for your needs. Some patio shade fabrics allow for see-through protection, while others help black-out an area. Both options will provide you with unrestricted views, but black screens and colored vinyl won’t allow neighbors to see inside. Many clients using the patio screens now have privacy on porches, patios, and around hot tubs.

Motorized Retractable Shade Customization Options

Our products provide a variety of options from which you can choose. The MotionScreen system installation includes a durable zipper-track system to keep the tiniest of bugs from infiltrating your outdoor area. But if your home design doesn’t permit a zipper-track design, we can install a cable system for the screens. This is also a great option but it does not protect against insects like the closed zipper-track shades do.

Motorized vinyl shades in St. Paul sunroomAnother popular St. Paul commercial patio shade option is vinyl. The motorized vinyl shade systems are solid and see-through, which is perfect for year-round use even in the cold Minnesota winter. The vinyl porch shade system will protect against rain, wind, snow, and the cold. In St. Paul we cannot typically enjoy outdoor areas all year long due to the weather, so a vinyl retractable shade system can be a really good choice. These systems allow Minnesota homeowners to use outdoor spaces even in the dead of winter.

Where Can Motorized Retractable Screens Be Installed?

Most clients install MotionScreen™ shade systems around porch, deck and patio areas. Other areas for installation include doors, windows, garages, and RVs. Most areas with a solid structure can be fitted for a motorized screen system. If you have a unique area you are considering for installation, call us for a consultation. Screen Logic Plus has years of experience installing motorized outdoor shades in all types of custom scenarios.

Choosing a Motorized Outdoor Shade System

Our MotionScreen™ products offer a great deal of privacy after installation. The retractable screens allow homeowners to have the privacy they need without having to move out of the neighborhood. Motorized porch screens also protect enclosed areas from heat and bugs, which can ruin summer outdoor time. Our sleek installation is aesthetically pleasing and will add value to your home. All of these options offer control with just one button. If you’re the tech type, our systems can also be programmed for use with smartphone apps and can be integrated into your current home automation. There are many advantages to installing motorized screen systems for your home. Consider investing in your home with a long-term, reliable MotionScreen™ outdoor shade system.